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Rabbitohs’ realm built on big five

Quality quintet: From left, Greg Inglis, Adam Reynolds, John Sutton, Issac Luke, and Sam Burgess. Photo: Getty Images, Quentin Jones Adam Reynolds Photo: Anthony Johnson
Nanjing Night Net

Melbourne built an empire around the Big Three. Now South Sydney are on the verge of creating a dynasty of their own with the Big Five.

In Greg Inglis, John Sutton, Issac Luke, Sam Burgess and Adam Reynolds, the Rabbitohs have invested in their future. They have all been tied up on long-term deals and will be the cornerstone of the club for the next five years.

Between them they have created more linebreak assists than the 21 players Parramatta have used this season. Inglis has broken out of more tackles than Melbourne’s big three combined, and Issac Luke has accumulated the most runs of any hooker in the competition.

While the “Big Five” tag doesn’t sit well with South Sydney chief executive Shane Richardson, he admitted they have the core of a team that can be successful for years to come.

“It’s our plan and strategy to build a team around them,” Richardson said. “We’ve locked them up long term and we started work on that last year. We’re in a good space so far. All major players are locked up for the long term.”

Inglis and Sutton have committed to the end of 2017, Burgess until the end of 2016, and Reynolds and Luke until the end of 2015. It was a ploy from the club to lock up their most valuable assets before they achieved success and become unaffordable as a package under the salary cap.

“We did it when I was at Penrith as well,” Richardson said. “When we were on the bottom of the ladder we secured players on long-term deals that we thought we could build a club around and we ended up winning a premiership. Same at Cronulla, we recruited and signed young blokes like Matty Rogers and David Peachey and those type of players. We signed them early before we had success and took a punt on them that they would be successful – and it worked pretty well for us.”

While Billy Slater, Cameron Smith and Cooper Cronk are the heart and soul of the Storm, they haven’t done it all on their own.

Craig Bellamy has an incredible ability to turn average footballers into vital cogs in a well-oiled machine, a trait Souths coach Michael Maguire has picked up.

While it’s the big five who come up with the big plays for the Rabbitohs, Maguire hasn’t neglected the rest of the team, who are thriving under his tutelage.

Former Bulldogs winger Bryson Goodwin has gone to a new level this season playing in the centres under Maguire, while players like Chris McQueen, Dave Tyrrell, Andrew Everingham and Jason Clark continue to go from strength to strength under Maguire’s watch.

“The old theory that you need a good nine, six, seven and one – we’re at a really good space there with those positions,” Richardson said. “But we also have so many other good players around them. Luke came through with us as a 17-year-old and Reynolds and Sutton came through with us as juniors.

“With Sam and the Burgess brothers in general, we see them here for the long term. It was always in my sights, that once we had Sam locked up, we’d get the family together because they are a quality group of people. That’s what you need when you are building a culture at a club, you make sure you get quality people together.”

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Dank treating Bandidos enforcer Mitchell

Bandidos sergeant-at-arms Toby Mitchell is being treated by the man at the centre of Essendon’s supplement scandal, sports scientist Steven Dank, for injuries sustained in a shooting in 2011.
Nanjing Night Net

Mr Dank and South Yarra doctor Robin Willcourt have been providing rehabilitation advice to the bikie figure since he was shot in November 2011.

The links between some AFL staff and crime figures is of concern to the league because of perceived risks that such relationships bring.

Mitchell and another man were arrested in dramatic scenes near the South Melbourne Market on Thursday, after an alleged assault in nearby Clarendon Street. He was taken to St Kilda Police Station where he was later released pending further inquiries.

But sources aware of Dr Willcourt and Mr Dank’s treatment of Mitchell have said it is professional and involved prescriptions.

“Those guys treat a lot of people, including lawyers, teachers and others. Mitchell is treated like any other patient,” the source said.

It is understood Mitchell was prescribed steroids by Dr Willcourt to aid his recovery.

Mitchell nearly died after he was shot five times outside Doherty’s Gym in Brunswick in November 2011. He was on life support for weeks and lost a kidney and part of his liver.

It was one of two attempts on Mitchell’s life in the past two years, including one in March when he and other Bandidos were ambushed outside the affiliated Diablos gang’s Melton clubhouse. Mitchell was shot in the right bicep, while a second Bandido suffered minor wounds.

Soon after the most recent assassination attempt, Victoria Police circulated an email around the force saying that the Bandidos had “declared war” on the powerful Hells Angels.

Last year, Mitchell was separately been linked by police to an illegal steroid trafficking ring involving a doctor in Melbourne’s north.

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Sam’s off to Darwin thanks to astounding generosity

Sam the wonder dog is about to fulfil his purpose.
Nanjing Night Net

Thanks to the Maitland ­community – including one extremely generous benefactor – Sam will board a Qantas flight to Darwin on Sunday to be united with Alex Butler, a little boy living with broad spectrum autism.

On Wednesday, the Mercury reported how the Maitland-based Assistance Dogs NSW could not afford the $1500 to fly Sam to be with Alex.

Since then, however, the organisation has experienced an inundation of donations.

“As soon as the story came out we started getting donations and $4500 came in almost straight away,” Sam’s trainer Carmel Kaczmar said.

Then, late Wednesday afternoon, someone came forward offering to pay for two trainers and Sam to fly to Darwin.

“A benefactor contacted us and has paid for the flights which would cost about $2500 and we are just so amazed,” Ms Kaczmar, of East Maitland, said.

“This is just wonderful news. We are shocked and thrilled all at once. This response has really brought us to our knees and the tears have flowed.

“The generosity of this community has astounded us beyond belief.”

Alex’s mother, Jo Butler, has echoed these heartfelt sentiments.

“This is absolutely amazing and we have been blown away at the generosity of these people,” Ms Butler said. “We can’t believe how fast this has all happened and we can’t wait for Sam to bless our son, but we are also really excited to see what Sam can help Alex achieve.”

Sam – the three-and-a-half-year-old groodle – was trained as a full service dog until he was attacked by two other dogs six months ago.

As a result, it was unsure whether Sam would be able to fulfil his duties. But Sam surpassed all expectations.

The surplus $4500 will now be used for Sam’s veterinary bills, food and grooming needs.

“This will take a tremendous burden off the family. I can’t wait to get there and see the family’s faces. It’s almost like Sam knows, he’s so calm,” Ms Kaczmar said.

EXCITING TIMES: Sam and his trainer Carmel Kaczmar.

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It’s time for students to face the FACTS

THE gymnasium at Charles Sturt University was a “one-stop shop” for future career and employment opportunities yesterday, as students in their final year of high school took part in the annual Facts About Careers and Tertiary Study (FACTS) Day.
Nanjing Night Net

Close to 900 Year 12 students from schools in Bathurst, Lithgow, Kandos, Oberon, Blayney, Cowra, Canowindra, Orange, Molong and Wellington converged on the Bathurst campus for the event.

Students attended a careers expo, then listened to a motivational presentation by keynote speaker Bruce Buchanan from the Orange Business Enterprise Centre.

Organised by the Central West Careers Advisers Association, FACTS Day encourages students to think about the next stage of their lives after high school.

Event co-ordinator Denis Behan – who is the careers adviser at Denison College’s Kelso High campus – said students could access information on courses, early entry opportunities, financial assistance and accommodation options.

“We’ve more than 60 career and employment organisations here today, from universities to employers, TAFE, Centrelink, the Australian Defence Force, and a big presence from private providers as well,” Mr Behan said yesterday. “Really, it’s a one-stop shop for Year 12 students.

“They come here today, talk to these people, ask questions and get follow-up information. This puts a lot of information in one place, and gets them thinking about their options before the pressure really comes on later in the year.”

Mr Behan acknowledged the generous support of Charles Sturt University who provided the venue for the event, but had a large information stand for students to access.

SPOILT FOR CHOICE: Caitlin Byrne and Shaun Van Uum from All Saints’ College weigh up their options at the Newcrest Mining stand, manned by apprentice electrician Heather McKaie and heavy machinery apprentice Justin Julius. Photo: PHILL MURRAY 050913pcareers11

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Maternity leave plan will encourage more mums: Cobb

Tony Abbott’s paid parental leave plan will be a big incentive for women in the workforce to have children, according to Member for Calare John Cobb.
Nanjing Night Net

The opposition leader’s scheme offers 26 weeks of paid leave at the new mother’s current rate of pay, up to a salary of $150,000.

To be funded by a levy on the nation’s biggest businesses, the scheme is significantly more generous than the Gillard Government’s 18 weeks of maternity leave paid at the minimum wage level.

Mr Cobb said the opposition’s scheme would provide an incentive to women who might not consider having a family at all.

“So many women feel they have to establish a career because of financial pressure, then they find they can’t afford to stop working to have children,” he said.

“It will provide them with the opportunity to have children once they are settled into their careers.

“It will also provide an opportunity to have children early on, work for a while, then maybe have one or two more.

“Modern life is about two parents going out to work, maybe that’s because our expectations are too high, I don’t know.”

There has been a lot of criticism about the inequity of the plan which sees highly paid women receiving considerably more money than women who earn very little.

But Mr Cobb said he thinks women on lower wages will still welcome it.

“I think you would be surprised how many women in this community are all for it,” he said.

“Those women who are not working at all still get the baby bonus, and those who work part-time will still get minimum wage for six weeks.

“I’m not ever sure what is fair in life, but the point is if you are earning $100,000 you will set your debt and life to $100,000.

“If you earn $60,000 then you will set your debt and life at that.

“The same decisions to have kids will be made whether you earn $60,000 or $100,000.”

Mr Abbott’s scheme, which is already being opposed by big business, is set to be funded by a 1.5 per cent levy on about 3200 of the biggest companies – those with a taxable income of more than $5 million.

This levy was to have been fully offset by a 1.5 per cent cut in company tax for all, which has since been replaced with the promise of a “modest” company tax cut.

The government’s scheme is funded by the taxpayer.

Mr Cobb said in essence one in every 200 companies will pay for the scheme.

He said the Coalition is not a party that believes in more taxes and greater regulation, but there is no alternative.

“This is also about productivity,” he said.

“The higher echelons of wage earners are probably from the bigger corporations, so while they will pay a levy, they will also benefit from it.”

Tony Abbott’s paid parental leave plan will be a big incentive for women in the workforce to have children, according to Member for Calare John Cobb.

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Eyeing off new mineral deposits

CHANGE: Shifting the company s investment in known resources to exploration of new mineral deposits in uncharted territory may be a trend in 2013.A HALT to pre-feasibility work on Glencore-Xstrata’s Mount Isa Open Pit (MIOP) project may mark the start of a trend in 2013, shifting the company’s investment in known resources to exploration of new mineral deposits in uncharted territory.
Nanjing Night Net

Incoming Glencore-Xstrata Chief Executive Ivan Glasenberg hinted at the shift after telling media he preferred emerging economies over established mining industries in Australia and Canada for the lack of fiscal restrictions imposed by their governments.

Queensland Resources Council (QRC) boss Michael Roche said each project in the North West would have to meet rigorous standards around costs.

Mr Roche said positive growth was coming out of projects like MMG Limited’s Dugald River project and the expansion at Xstrata’s Ernest Henry Mine, both outside of Cloncurry, but the region would need to continue to prove they were globally competitive.

“Global resource companies have a menu of options around the world and we need to re-double our efforts around making our projects the most attractive for these big companies,” he said.

“We can’t assume a project we think is good for our country will be at the front of the queue.

“The way to jump the queue is to make sure our cost structures are globally competitive.”

“The quality of the established resources being mined in the Australia and Canada remain important, but Mr Roche said it was likely to be the cost of extracting those resource that would have mining companies looking elsewhere to make big profits.

“In other countries their approval processes are quicker and tax rates are lower.”

“So, even if you’re comparing similar quality deposits we also need to compete on those other grounds.”

Mr Roche said he was concerned Tuesday’s federal budget announcements would add even more restrictions to mining exploration, a key activity in the North West’s mining future.

“We are worried about talk around the federal budget which could involve a hit on exploration, making it less tax effective and more difficult,” he said.

“We need to face the fact that it’s been some years since we’ve had a major new discovery in the North West.”

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21/11/2018 南京夜网

Illawarra business brains in budget review

The three sponsors of next Friday’s federal budget lunch in Wollongong have voiced concerns about how Tuesday’s budget will impact on the region’s businesses.
Nanjing Night Net

Mike Halloran, Adam Cole and Simon Pomfret. Picture: GREG ELLIS

Illawarra Business Chamber chief executive Mike Halloran, KPMG partner Adam Cole and IRIS Research executive director Simon Pomfret said yesterday that slow global economic recovery, weak business confidence and trading conditions had local businesses concerned.

“Businesses are worried that the current economic conditions and government commitment to NDIS and Gonski creates a strong likelihood of business tax hikes to support the rapidly weakening budget position,” Mr Halloran said.

Mr Cole said that the reduced tax revenue and decrease in economic activity meant funding any new policy initiatives presented a challenge.

“We have already seen proposed reforms to superannuation and the Medicare levy prior to the budget and it would not be surprising to see further business tax reforms,” he said.

“This could be in respect to foreign controlled companies and possibly some targeted reforms in the resources sector. I also wouldn’t rule out changes to the CGT [capital gains tax] rules. All in all this will be a critical budget for the government in articulating their vision for the future of Australia’s tax reforms.”

Mr Pomfret said despite the looming federal election the budget statement next week would demonstrate that the good times were over.

“The combination of big spending during the mining boom followed by a slump in tax receipts will force the government to make some tough decisions,” he said.

“The cut in interest rates this week indicates that the economy is very soft and an expansionary fiscal policy will be significant in keeping growth at trend rates.”

Illawarra Business Chamber, IRIS Research and KPMG Wollongong are planning to help local business understand the federal budget with a thorough commentary on how it will impact the region and businesses.

Mr Halloran said the federal budget lunch would be held at Villa D’oro Function Centre on Friday, May 17, to provide a complete analysis of the budget commitments, outline changes to taxation and provide insight to the effects of the budget.

“There will also be a Q&A time for questions to be answered by our expert panel, which will include Peter Siebels, national managing partner of KPMG Private Enterprise.” he said.

Ticket sales close on Monday at www.illawarrabusiness南京夜网.au or phone 4229 4722.

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No Morris? No worries: answers to the Blues ‘crisis’

There’s been a lot of people worrying about the Blues team, given the injuries to Brett Stewart and Brett Morris the past few days.
Nanjing Night Net

But why all the worry? Have they not looked at the depth we’ve got in NSW?

Given the two Bretts are highly unlikely to play at least the first Origin, obviously Blues coach Laurie Daley is going to have to reassess the make-up of his backline.

But it’s not like he has limited options.

Jarryd Hayne will now be a walk-up starter as fullback and as for the wingers, he’s got players like Akuila Uate, Blake Ferguson, Nathan Merritt, even young Jorge Taufua from Manly could come into the frame.

I know it’s a shame for Morris and Stewart because they would probably have been walk-up starters, but we do have plenty of depth there.

I’d be much more worried if Paul Gallen and James Tamou went down at the same time.

Hayne at fullback is a no-brainer to me now, and if I was selecting the team from the outset, I would have had him there in the first place.

Stewart is a quality player but he’s had a chronic knee injury for a long time now and you can’t afford that sort of stuff in an Origin camp.

Knights man Akuila Uate. Picture: RYAN OSLANDIt’s hard for him to train and do everything with the rest of the guys and when you’ve got a 10-day camp for an Origin encounter, you want and need everyone in it together.

You don’t want one or two players on minimal training schedules to nurse their injuries through – you need fit guys who can participate in everything the coach wants.

Hayne is the type of player who could win you an Origin series. That’s how good he is.

He just needs that energy boost before a game.

I know he looks lazy sometimes and that he’s not interested, but the past couple of weeks he’s been chasing everything down, he’s been playing with a renewed enthusiasm and that’s great to see so close to Origin.

I don’t know what Eels coach Ricky Stuart says to him before games sometimes but the past few weeks, it’s certainly been working.

I would love to see Laurie think outside the square and give someone like Taufua a chance on a wing in Origin.

I know he’s only 21 and played only 30-odd games but he’s a big, strong, powerful brute of a bloke who would fit perfectly into the Origin arena.

Don’t go soft on hits

Rugby league is heading down a very narrow path towards becoming too soft, and it worries me.

I was surprised and disappointed when Steve Matai (pictured above, well contained by the Rabbitohs defence) copped a week’s suspension for his hit on George Burgess a fortnight ago.

I understand he has a long rap sheet but his tackle hit the ball and then bounced up.

You can’t ban all the hard hits in our game. People go to matches to see blokes taking each other on.

If you take that fabric out of the contest and suddenly players are too scared to go in hard for fear of punishment, you’re going to get more injuries as well.

Don’t take the confrontation out of the game, please!

Rugby league will become two-handed touch and who wants to watch that? No-one.

Accidents happen, blokes will get hurt and need stitches and whatever else but that’s all part of the game.

We all know that before we sign up to play.

If you hit someone illegally, sure, you’ll get a few weeks and you’ve got to cop that, but just don’t go making our great game soft.

One rule for Dugan

I applaud the Dragons adding Josh Dugan (above)to their books, whenever it officially happens.

But I don’t think placing all these different stipulations on the kid like you’re barred from Facebook and you’re barred from social media or whatever and we’ll punish you is the way to go.

The contract should simply say that if you want to embrace that sort of stuff, fine, but you won’t be playing with us.

No ifs, no buts.

Simply put, no anything.

Just one hard and fast rule for the youngster.

Josh will be a great asset to the Dragons.

The kid can play and once he gets rid of all the crap from his life, he’ll be an even better player.

Kudos to the Dragons for giving him another chance.

You can’t blame the Canberra Raiders for giving him the flick but it’s good the Dragons will pick him up and hopefully get him back on the right path.

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The Voice is now a face in the crowd

The power of television was undeniable yesterday as 100 Year 7 boys at St Stanislaus’ College screamed Ryan Sanders’ name.
Nanjing Night Net

The former contestant of The Voice was visiting his old school to mentor the young music students.

Ryan finished his schooling at Stannies’ in 2011. And while none of the new boys had met him before, in their eyes he was a superstar.

Ryan visited the school at the invitation of the school’s music co-ordinator Victoria Roth, his former music teacher.

He was delighted to be back at Stannies’ performing for the students.

VIDEO: Ryan Sanders is our choice for The Voice

“Things have changed, but the boys haven’t,” he said grinning.

“It’s nice to be back. I’m hoping the kids will enjoy my music as much as I did when people would come and play for us at assembly. It was always great to get out of class.”

Ryan played Brother, the song he performed for his Voice audition, accompanied by his guitarist Andrew Dean.

The 19-year-old said appearing on The Voice has given him a lot of exposure and he has been busy ever since.

At the moment he is focusing on performing for charities, in particular the Cancer Council.

“The show has provided me with some great opportunities,” he said.

READ MORE: Bathurst’s Ryan Sanders is our choice for The Voice

READ MORE: Final performance ‘hard to watch’ for Ryan

Ms Roth said she has stayed in touch with Ryan since he left school and it was great to be able to invite him back.

She feels his appearance at the school will prove to be very beneficial for her students.

“Some boys need to connect to the real work end of music,” she said.

“This is about them making that connection. It’s all about connection.”

Ms Roth said the music program at Stannies’ is non-stop.

In three weeks’ time they will be putting on the musical Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

MOBBED: Ryan Sanders was mobbed by Year 7 music students at St Stanislaus’ College when he returned to his old school for a visit yesterday. BELOW: Ryan on The Voice. Photo: ZENIO LAPKA 050913zsanders1

Ms Roth said the school has a tradition of presenting good musical theatre.

“When you are a music teacher you hope boys who choose music in their senior years will take it with them into their lives,” she said.

“So when I see Ryan taking it to that next level, that makes me very happy.”

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Jones confident ahead of Throsby showdown

Throsby MP Stephen Jones.Months of rumours about Throsby MP Stephen Jones’s future in the seat will come to a head today as Labor officials call a long-awaited preselection ballot.
Nanjing Night Net

The traditionally safe Labor seat remains one of just two in NSW without an endorsed Labor candidate for the September 14 election.

Former Labor MP Craig Thomson’s seat of Dobell is the only other seat for which the party is yet to preselect a candidate.

When nominations for the ballot open today, Mr Jones will face a challenge from Wollongong nurse John Rumble, in what is shaping up to be a battle between the party’s left and right factions.

MORE: Don’t call him ‘Angry’ … It’s Gary Anderson for Throsby

Former state MP Matt Brown was touted as a possible third candidate after saying locals “missed him”.

It is understood he has now decided against the idea.

Mr Jones, who is from Labor’s left and was parachuted into the Throsby seat in 2007, has been calling for a rank-and-file ballot to occur since late last year.

He said yesterday he was angry it had taken this long to allow branch members to decide who would represent them in September.

“I think it’s an absolute joke that it has taken so long for the party officers to sort this out and call it, and I think they have held the branches and members in contempt by dragging it out for so long,” he said.

Mr Jones said he had no doubt party members would support him in the ballot.

“I’m absolutely confident of my position and that I will be the candidate for Labor in the 2013 election,” he said.

“I know the people in my branches, I’ve spoken to them all and I’ve known most of them for years, and the overwhelming majority of them are supporting me.”

Likewise, Mr Rumble was confident of being supported by a majority of branch members.

“I have gathered support from branch members and I am quietly confident of winning,” he said.

“Running against a sitting member is always going to be difficult but I think I am in with a very good chance.”

Mr Rumble, who is the son of former Illawarra (now the state seat of Shellharbour) MP Terry Rumble, narrowly missed win- ning preselection in Shellharbour in 2011. Despite reports that Wollongong’s state MP Noreen Hay was involved in a right faction push to install Mr Rumble as the Throsby member, she yesterday denied any involvement in federal affairs.

“I have been overseas and have no inside knowledge,” she said.

“I haven’t spoken to anybody on this issue.

“I work well with all my colleagues and that includes Stephen Jones and basically the NSW branch of the Labor Party and the administrative panel will make their determination and I would encourage them to do so ASAP.”

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