Stick with your big guns

Every season there are players who start in magnificent form, far exceeding their preseason expectations. There are also players who start slowly due to injury, changed roles or poor form.

A quiet start from a high-profile player brings unwanted scrutiny and even more pressure to perform.

The same is true for Ultimate Footy. At the beginning of each season, competitors participate in a draft where players are sequentially drafted to a fantasy team.

The early draft choices always see the best players taken, but these do not always turn out to be sound selections. The opening rounds of a fantasy draft are fraught with danger, as injury and a lack of form can leave people regretting selections.

Dayne Beams, Brett Deledio and Matthew Boyd are all gun midfielders and all featured heavily in the first two rounds of fantasy drafts. Each averaged over 110 fantasy points in 2012. But these three have played just nine games between them in 2013, with only three scores over 100 points from those nine starts.

Beams and Boyd picked up injuries on the eve of the season. Boyd’s three games have been quieter than normal, while Beams is yet to play a game. Deledio is a different beast entirely. He was close to his best in the Tigers’ three wins, but has gone missing in the last three rounds.

There’s not much worse for a fantasy coach than having your top player missing in action, or performing well below their capabilities. Fortunately, Deledio, Beams and Boyd are proven fantasy players. Back them in to overcome their slow starts and deliver at a premium level for the remainder of the season.

Patrick Dangerfield could have been lumped into the ”bust” category after three rounds, averaging just 80 points. But he has pumped out two scores over 100 since then, including a 149 last weekend. After six rounds he is now averaging 105. Those players who drafted Beams, Boyd and Deledio will be hoping things improve as quickly for them as they did for Dangerfield.