FISHING: Shaun hooked after landing dream marlin

FISH OF THE WEEK 10/5/13: DREAM CATCH: Shaun Munro, from Cameron Park, wins the Jarvis Walker tacklebox and Tsunami lure pack for this 53-kilogram marlin caught recently. Shaun dreamed about catching it the night before.Browse the Herald Fish File here

TEN-year-old Shaun Munro, from Cameron Park, lived the dream when he caught his first marlin recently.

The night before heading offshore with his dad Shane aboard the Paul Besoff-skippered boat Offshore, Shaun had a dream about catching a beakie.

Next morning around 4am when his old man asked if he wanted to go fishing, Shaun jumped out of bed.

“Normally he’s keen and on this occasion doubly enthusiastic because he reckons he had a dream the night before of catching his first-ever marlin,” Shane said.

“We were heading back to the bay when a striped marlin hit his favourite lure.

“He’d caught a striped tuna beforehand on lighter gear but never a marlin, and he seemed to get it easy.

“We kept backing the boat up to it and it just lay down.

“I told him don’t think it’ll be that easy every time.

“The marlin weighed 53 kilograms and Shaun was one very happy boy and won’t stop talking about catching his next one.”

Plenty of hefty fish

THE Herald Fish File welcomed a raft of new members this week.

Nine-year-old Maddison Barbour, of Eleebana, caught a nice 68-centimetre flathead while fishing with her dad for bream in

Lake Macquarie.

Maddison landed it on four-pound line using a Berkley shrimp rigged on a ounce jig head.

Andrew Linton caught a 10-kilogram jew in Lake Macquarie chasing bream.

“I played him for approximately 20 minutes on the six-pound bream gear – an awesome way to catch a fish of this size,” Andrew reported.

Twelve-year-old Benny Carey got his dad Dean to send in a photo of him with a 72-centimetre barra.

Dean, Benny and nine-year-old Lachlan were shouted a barra trip to Arnhem Land by their 84-year-old great grandfather, Boy Bradstreet.

“Good old grandad was outfished by his great-grandson Benny when he landed the 72-centimetre barra in a hot session where the boys caught 104 barra for the day,” Dean reported.

Robert Depares caught a 3.4-kilogram mulloway in Lake Macquarie on a vibe using six-pound braid with six-pound leader.

Dave Gilmour managed to hook a John Dory last weekend in Lake Macquarie around Wangi Wangi in 12 feet of water.

“It took a Gulp three-inch shrimp in banana prawn,” Dave said.

Adam Moss got his first-ever yellowfin tuna weighing in at eight kilograms on a recent father-and-son weekend away with his dad Mick at Head Hat.

“The yellowfin was the highlight of his trip as this was his first and it was caught in only eight metres of water trolling small bonito as skip baits on six-kilogram line,” Mick reported.

Sammy Johnson earned the nickname Sammy “The Salmonater” from her boyfriend Brock Herbert after landing a two-kilogram Australian salmon at Carey Bay.

“The fight was priceless,” Brock reported.

“I took her out to catch tailor and Sammy caught the salmon on a Silver Spoon lure.

“It’s the second fish Sammy has ever caught and the biggest. Well done Sammy girl, I say.

“By the way, the first salmon I saw caught at the start of the cooler months was caught on May 1, 2013.”

Check out the photos at theherald苏州美睫培训.au/story/1302075/multi-media-herald-fish-file/

Restrictions proposed

THE Department of Primary Industries Review of NSW Recreational Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing Rules discussion paper released this week has provided some food for thought.

The department is proposing to reduce recreational bag limits on all flathead (other than dusky), yellowfin and black bream, tailor blue swimmer crab, trevally and luderick from 20 to 10; and dusky flathead, snapper, mowong and mahi mahi from 10 to five.

Bag limits on yellowtail kingfish, cobia, deep sea species like blue-eye trevalla, banded rock cod, hapuku, bass groper and gemfish, Spanish and spotted mackerel, wahoo, mangrove jack and teraglin are flagged to drop from five to two.

The department pointed out the use of technology such as electric reels, GPS and sounders since the last survey was a concern.

Three options are proposed for billfish (marlin, sailfish, spearfish and swordfish): one billfish per person/day; a combined species group bag limit of one and boat limit of two; group limit of one and boat limit of one.

Other areas up for discussion include miscellaneous bag limit options including a total combined daily catch limit for recreational fishers of 20 or 30 finfish per person per day, and reducing the default bag limit from 20 to 10 for species that do not have a prescribed bag limit.

Anglers may be restricted to one mahi mahi over 110 centimetres.

Freshwater fishing bag limits, size limits and spawning closures for murray cod, Australian bass and estuary perch, and trout are up for discussion, as are fishing gear and methods for nets and traps.

The closing date for submissions is July 31.

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