Never too late to change the way you think

Exercise? Check. Diet? Check. Mindset? Huh?

People get stuck on the weight-loss treadmill for years simply because they haven’t changed their mindset towards healthier living.

Life coach and author Jodie Cooper says she is amazed that little is said about the psychology of weight loss.

“Most people go about it the wrong way – they eat less and exercise more but their mindset doesn’t change,” Cooper says.

“It’s like getting ready for a marathon – you need a trainer, the right shoes and the time to train – it’s the big picture.

“Losing weight is the same – you need to look at the big picture.”

Cooper says weight loss is something that is achieved when it becomes less of the focus.

“It’s about choosing to be healthy rather than having to lose weight,” the Warilla mum of two says.

Cooper holds workshops titled Psychology of Weight Loss, often helping those who have tried diets on and off for 20 to 30 years.

“People are so focused on losing weight,” she says.

“They’ve forgotten to tell themselves they are a good person. When you take on a new challenge you need to be in a place where you’re comfortable and confident.”

Cooper says people’s mindsets are often fixed by the age of 30, but it’s never too late to have a go at tweaking the way we think.

Her courses focus on setting people up for success – looking at cutting back stress and other lifestyle factors that influence the decisions we make when it comes to eating and exercise.

People are stressed with work and family, and weight issues are often the result of stress. So it doesn’t help when the stress of trying to lose weight is added to other problems. It becomes a vicious treadmill.

“Rather than setting big, lofty goals, I set small challenges,” she says, adding that individual appointments can also be made.

“Something simple like a challenge of going for a walk today.”

Cooper likens diets to elastic bands, where tension is created when people don’t eat the food they want to. This results in repeated dieting, where people forgo foods for short periods and then snap, returning to eating those foods in even larger portions.

Changing your mindset is not a quick fix, Cooper stresses, but it’s the turning point for many people as it is a complete overhaul of the way they think about their lifestyle.

“When you’re happier you make positive choices,” she says.

For information on the workshops visit www.jodiecooper苏州美睫培训.au.

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