Survivor seal back in the ocean

WHEN a baby Elephant Seal washed up on thebeach near Port MacDonnell in March, wildlife rescuers did not hold out muchhope for his survival.

A group of about 20 people gathered on thebeach today while surfers watched from the water as the seal made his way fromthe trailer to the sea.

As a full grown adult male, Elmo could weigh upto four tonne, grow seven metres long and be able to dive 3km deep for twohours on a single breath.

Friends of Native Wildlife South East, whichhelped with the rescue of Elmo, is a volunteer organisation that cares forinjured or orphaned wildlife.

Anyone who finds an animal in need ofassistance can call the 24-hour hotline on 0427 396 919.

Read the full story in Friday’s print edition.

LOOKING BACK: Elmo the seal looked back as if to farewell volunteers who nursed him back to health. Picture: KAREN SWEENEY