Singer’s words ring true at Anzac service

Lugh Damen is a singer-songwriter and composer of the Irish bardic tradition. His words rang true through the choir led by Laurelle Nosworthy as they sang at the Anzac memorial ceremony in Boorowa two weeks ago.

He has written many songs over the years and the song ‘Battlefield’, performed on Anzac Day, was written ten years ago in the wake of the September 11 attacks and subsequent war in the Middle East.

The backing track was performed by Lugh with Retaw Boyce on violin. There will be more songs performed by the choir in the years to come.

‘Battlefield’ features on Lugh’s upcoming album Faerytale which is due to be released within a couple of months. Lugh and Retaw are a great team and have plans for many other future projects together.


On the battlefield

Ten thousand proud men there are standing

With spear and shield

Held fast in the strength of their hands

Down to a man

they will lay down their lives for

their children and wives

And they stand one for all as they answer the call

To defend their homeland

and there is no turning back now

They must conquer somehow

Or they die in the morning sunlight

But there is a heart bold and blessed

Beating proud in each breast

As they wait for the signal to fight

On the Battlefield

There you run to your end at your father’s side

And you watch him fall

And his blood spills on the ground

Taking up his sword

There you fight with a hatred that won’t be denied

And it won’t be long

Before somebody brings you down

But he was the first one to go

And the last one to know

When the armies met

You saw him gasping for breath

His eyes pleading for death

And you knew that’s the one thing he’d get

On the battlefield

O’ so many men lay dead or dying

And your father’s sword

Is still clutched in your bloodied hand

On the broken ground

Mortally wounded you’re lying

And suddenly in the midst of it all

You can understand

There is no war can be won

With a sword or a gun

This is madness

You were the first man to stand

And the last one to run

Now you’re dying with all the rest

And you watch the light fade in other men’s eyes

As the blood red around you runs

While women weep with empty arms

For fathers and lovers and sons

While women weep with empty arms

For fathers and lovers and sons

© Lugh Damen 2002

Lugh Damen and Elmarie Ford with their daughter.

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