Now and then

The Dartnell’s Pharmacy was established in the late 1800s, and used the 18th century practice known as apothecary.

The shop was built on high ground on the corner of Canterbury Road, with the shopfront having vitreous tiling, molded metal window framing, leadlights to highlight windows and a marble threshold.

Passing through three generations of the Dartnell family, the pharmacy was given an inter-war renovation in the first half of the 19th century, creating a Moderne facade and adding a cast-iron balconette to the corner.

Today the pharmacy still has its original gold leaf signage on the windows, and the federation green wrought-iron work on the verandahs.

It has preserved a wall-to-wall collection of apothecary, medical and pharmaceutical antiques from the 18th century, including large oval carboys and medical measuring equipment and containers.

In December 1998, the pharmacy frontage and part of the collection on display was shattered when a truck ploughed through the front window.

New owners, Les Bassin and Stan Sacks, bought the pharmacy in November 2007 and maintain its old-world ambiance.

Scott McNaughton

Supplied by City of Boroondara Library Service