Editorial: Port Pirie 

The week was defined by the town hitting the front page of the Adelaide media on Friday morning.

Professor Mark Taylor, a researcher at Macquarie University, had his research published in Environmental Pollution.

A respectable journal no doubt, but not exactly Nature or Science.Also, Professor Taylor represents just one team of scientists and it would be good to get a broader perspective from other researchers on the issue.

Why then, did the mainstream media decide to make an issue of a paper published in Environmental Pollution?  Well because it was about Port Pirie, and lead.

The Recorder felt it necessary speak to a large number of people in the community about the issue. While people were not denying that lead exposure is an issue in town, everyone felt that the media were making an issue out of nothing.

An important component of science is the ability to innovate your research and create an economic future for the country.

Innovation creates jobs through growing the economy.

Academic research, although a respectable pursuit, relies on Government grants to fund jobs.

As a country, we need to become better innovators.

The smelter, in Port Pirie, is innovating what they do through the transformation of their smelter.

This project, is about efficiency and making the town cleaner.

It is about time the mainstream media reported on what we are doing well, rather than focussing on an issue that, from all accounts, is old.

We are not denying the issue, we are addressing it, and doing it well.

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