Decent exposure

Boroondara in autumn is one of your humble correspondent’s favourite places on Earth, and the annual Decent Exposure autumn expedition is a highlight of the year. Here are some of the colourful folks and the glorious foliage I snapped.

Is Saoirse, 3, considering Albert Camus’ famous line: “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” at Canterbury Station? Probably not, but it’s fun to imagine.

I saw this beautiful wall outside Hawthorn Plastic Surgery, but the photo needed more. Enter staffers Jennis Nokes, Jodie Farrow and Bridget Laird.

Monika Skubisz never leaves home on lovely autumn afternoons without toy poodle-cross, Mina.

Hugh, 18 months, contemplates the beauty of an autumn leaf with grandma Bronwyn Peart, in Lorne Parade Reserve, Mont Albert.

Mont Albert resident George Ellul might technically be in the autumn of his years, but he has a spring in his step and a summery outlook.

Autumn’s a blast for Hawthorn hams Charlie and Milly, both 5.

John Fodor is “51 going on 52”, but he’s a five-year-old at heart when the Mont Albert Road leaves change colour.