Decent Exposure: autumn in Stonnington

Tom Robbins once wrote: “It was autumn, the springtime of death”, which is kinda funny, because roaming Stonnington’s streets last Monday, snapping locals in my favourite season, I never felt more alive.

Here are some of the folks and foliage I happened across.

Words and photos by Stephen McKenzie.

Mother and daughter, Pamela Burns and Victoria Fangen-Hall, kept warm in Toorak. Being British, they have no shortage of woollens. Photo by Stephen McKenzie

Greville Records’ Warwick Brown loves autumn reds, but as a long suffering Tigers supporter, he bleeds yellow and black. ‘Don’t worry,” he assured me, waving two yellow leaves like cheer squad flags, “we’ll be there in September”. Photo by Stephen McKenzie

You’re a good sport indulging a photographer’s whims, Dan Cummane, but I’m afraid you’ll likely cop a ribbing for this. Photo by Stephen McKenzie

Dominique Tudor, Monika Farnbach and Bodil Hook in Malvern Road. See how beautiful autumn can be! Photo by Stephen McKenzie

In Grattan Gardens, Fabian Prideaux clung to summer’s last dying gasp in a T-shirt. Flame-haired Fiona Smith, on the other hand, reacquainted herself with autumn threads. Photo by Stephen McKenzie

With trees this beautiful, by the end of the day I had a really sore neck. Photo by Stephen McKenzie